Sarah Gail Luther

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    Sarah Gail Luther is a Milwaukee-based artist who lovingly explores and documents the familiar, the average, or the forgotten. The results of these inquiries is always a little different, but often they manifest in drawings, performances, public events, or distributable objects. Her work strives to build an understanding of its subject, not necessarily to elevate it, but to appreciate its intricacies, humor, or humanity.


  • Online Content

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    H.A.S.T. Exchange Blog

    The H.A.S.T. Exchange Blog is an archive of explorations along the Hank Aaron State Trail, documented through photos, writing, videos, and drawings.

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    Nature Newsletter

    Reading the Landscape is an ongoing Newsletter published by the Lynden Sculpture Garden. You can find a digital version here along with educational resources for teachers or families.

  • CV

    Public Projects

    My Grandma Is a Living Legend, final installation, public text piece, Milwaukee, WI, 2018

    Portrait Booth, Silver City International Festival, 2017

    H.A.S.T. Exchange, trading post, trading cards, and blog exploring Milwaukee’s Hank Aaron State Trail, Wisconsin DNR, 2016

    Found Floral Arrangements, adornments for the Blue Dress Park - Full Moon Celebration, 2015

    Getting to the Good Stuff - Iowa Public Art Conference, An interactive project used to instigate dialog between visitors participating in the conference, Dubuque, Iowa, 2014

    Kite Flying Club, Weekly meetings open to the public to instigate play in interesting Milwaukee locations, 2013 - 2014

    Porch Sitting Club, Weekly gatherings on the porches of boarded-up houses, 2013 - 2014

    Milwaukee: Spaces to Places, Performances to distribute field guides and flowers picked on abandoned plots of land, 2012

    The Amplifier, A community-driven public storefront used as a classroom, event space, gathering place, created with support from Wisconsin Arts Board and Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, 2011

    IN:SITE - On and Off Capitol Drive, Neighborhood Interviews and portraits displayed on a billboard, field of yard signs, and building board-ups, 2010

    IN:SITE - Tourism Series: Let The World Entertain You, Souvenir Stand, Sunset Theater, Walking Tours exploring Milwaukee’s Park East Corridor, 2009

    Group Shows

    Mary Nohl and the Walrus Club, John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI, 2018

    The Nohl Fellowship at 15, Haggerty Museum, 2018

    Milwaukee: Spaces to Places, Mandel Creative Studio, MARN Salon, 2013

    Frame of Season, nAbr Gallery at the Lynden Sculpture Garden, 2013

    Interstice, Begovich Gallery, Fullerton, CA, 2012

    Milwaukee: Spaces to Places, INOVA Gallery, Nohl Exhibition, 2012

    30 Under 30, Turner Hall Ballroom, Present Music, 2012

    Generation Next, MIAD Gallery, 2011

    Complex Intersections, UW­ Milwaukee Union Art Gallery, 2011

    Positive Evasions, nAbr gallery, 2010

    Mis­Place/Re­Trace, 2 person show, Stairway Art Space, Kansas City, MO, 2010

    Annual Auction, Transformer Gallery, Washington, D.C., 2010

    Happy Tree Friend, La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, MO, 2009

    Art Workers, Jazz Gallery, Milwaukee, 2009

    Thresholds: Inscapes and Adaptations, Crossroads Gallery, Kansas City, MO, 2007

    The Small Painting Show, Ulrich Project Series: The General Store, Wichita, KS, 2006

    Landscapes, two­ person Exhibition, The Green Gallery, 2006

    Guides / Publications

    H.A.S.T. Exchange, 14 Trading Cards with drawings and informational poetry from the Hank Aaron State Trail, Milwaukee, WI, 2016

    Living Up to Louisville, A brochure exploring expectations through topics like Olmsted parks, and little league teams, 2014

    Real Estate of the City Flyer, A flyer illustrating the scope of the foreclosure crisis, 2012

    Milwaukee: Spaces to Places, Set of 5 informational Maps featuring interesting abandoned lots across Milwaukee, 2011

    A Field Guide to the Silver City Neighborhood, A collection of thoughts and drawings from the 3 months the Amplifier was open, 2011

    Complex Intersections, A driving tour of some of Milwaukee’s complicated intersections, 2011

    Raising Savannah, A study of the Public Library system, influential women in Savannah’s history and interviews with residents about the most influential women of the present, 2011

    Cowboys and Businessmen: a Guide to Kansas City, A brief history of Kansas City and the role of failure discussed in interviews of Cowboys and Businessmen, 2010

    Weeds and Wildflowers: Guide to the Park East Corridor, Tourism Projects: Let the World Entertain You, Milwaukee, WI, 2009

    Commissioned Works

    Suitcase Export Grant Destinations Map, Nohl at 15 catalog, 2018

    Nohl Fellows: Where are They Now Map, Nohl at 15 catalog, 2018

    Bookworm Gardens Visitor Map, Bookworm Gardens, 2018

    Guided Sketchbook, Bookworm Gardens, 2017

    Non-Fiction Illustrations, “Aloha Adventure” by Sharp Literacy, 2017

    Milwaukee Neighborhood Map, Present Music, 2016

    Stacked Animal Mural, River Hills, WI, 2016

    Poppy Mural, Bayside, WI, 2016

    Coloring Page Design, Coalition of Justice, 2016

    Wedding Field Guide, Personalized visitor guide to Milwaukee, 2014

    Drawings for The Floor That Made Milwaukee Famous, 30 for 30 , ESPN, 2014

    Wedding Field Guide, Personalized Visitor Guide to Milwaukee, 2013

    Tour De Sherman Park, In collaboration with Sherman Park Community Association, a tour of neighborhood points of interest and community assets, 2013

    Seasonal Stationary Drawings, Lynden Sculpture Garden, 2013

    Project Board, Drawings, and Interviews, Paul Woebling Home Construction, 2012

    “Dave” Project Map, Chipstone Foundation, 2011

    Drawings for A Conversation with Barbra Brown Lee, Milwaukee Art Museum, 2009

    Solo Exhibitions

    Your Public Space, Innovation Gallery, Bayview high school, WI, 2017

    Gather, Borderline Gallery, 2016

    Milwaukee: Spaces to Places, UW ­Milwaukee, Urban Studies Anniversary Event, 2013

    Ordinary Drawings, Riverwest Co­-op, 2011

    Kids Section, Monte Video Gallery, 2009

    We Are All Always Moving, The Green Gallery, 2008

    Workshops / Teaching

    Creating Your Own Field Guide, 3rd Grade Students, Waukesha, WI, 2018

    Public Art Making, Artists Working in Education 5x3 project, Escuela Verde and O.N.G., 2018

    Neighborhood Stories - Digital Storytelling, Bayview High School, 2018

    Native Flowers / Mapping Mural, Bayview High School, 2018

    Exploring, observing and recording, Workshop, Bookworm Gardens, 2017

    Good Citizens Club, In school club, Messmer Prep, 2016

    K4-8th Grade Art Classes, Messmer St. Rose, 2017

    Recycled Kite Making, Workshop, MIAD, 2014


    Artist in Residence, Bayview High School, 2017-2018

    Princess Canopy Tent, Poor Farm Experiment, 2016

    Friends of Blue Dress Park Secretary, January 2016 - Current

    Instrumentalist and vocalist in Warhola Cats, 2015 - Current

    Friends of Blue Dress Park Board Member, January 2015 - Current

    Grand Central Art Center Residency, MKE<=>LAX, Residency 2012

    Project Consultant, IN:SITE, 2011

    Committee Member, Darling Hall Performance Venue, 2009

    Talks / Discussions

    Temporary Public Art, Panel, Iowa Public Art Conference, Dubuque, IA, 2014

    Place and Milwaukee, Alverno, 2012 & 2013

    After Art School, Social Practice Class, MIAD, 2013

    MKE<=>LAX Residency, Panel, Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA, 2012

    Generation Next, Gallery Talk, MIAD, 2012

    The Making of Milwaukee: Spaces to Places, Gallery Talk, INOVA, 2012

    Public Performance, Presentation, Chicago Art Institute, 2011

    Performances / Tours

    Blue-Dress-Park-Like, Walking Tour, Friends of Blue Dress Park celebration, 2016

    Wisconsin Avenue Walking Tours, Newaukee Night Markets, 2 unique hour-long tours, 2014

    12-­12-­12, Performance Showcase, Redline, 2012

    Park East Corridor Tour Series, Tourism Projects: Let the World Entertain you IN:SITE, 2009

    I have been away in transitional bliss, Darling Hall, 2008

    Melt, Melt! Sing, Sing!: Ode to a Coffee Pot, Living Gallery, 2008


    FofBDP Friend’s Potluck, Friends of Blue Dress Park, 2016

    Kite Flying Club at Winter Carnival, Lynden Sculpture Garden, 2014

    Polka Party, Fundraiser for The Amplifier, Kochanski's, 2011

    Rummage Sale, Jazz Gallery, 2012

    Sunset Theater, Tourism Projects: Let the world Entertain You, IN:SITE, 2009

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